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Dreamland Beach Bali

Dreamland Beach Bali

Dreamland Beach Bali or New Kuta Beach is a very beautiful beach in Bali. Many tourists come every day to this beach. This beach has beautiful and smooth white sand. Moreover, the space is clean and awake and this place is surrounded by white cliffs that are high.

Dreamland beach is also very suitable for tourists who have a surfing hobby because this beach has quite large and challenging waves. Many tourists who come to this place just sit relaxed on the beach while watching the sunset on the western horizon.

The main attraction of Dreamland beach, is the cleanliness of the beach that is very awake. This gives a comfortable impression, when you sit or lie on Dreamland Bali beach.

During the day you can do sunbathing in this place. If you want to swim with your children, you should not be in this place because the waves are quite large and strong and very dangerous for your child’s safety.

But for those of you who like the Dreamland Bali beach and want a beach with clean white sand, then the Dreamland Bali tourist attractions, beach attractions in Bali that you must visit during a holiday on the island of Bali.